Everyone needs a purpose in life. The older I get, and the more I experience new life (like the birth of my first grandchild), and the deaths of those I love (like the recent loss of my brother), the more I ponder my life’s purpose…. the legacy I might leave behind… how people will remember me. When I started […]

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Traveling to Downtown, has always been a passive journey to me as I live all the way up in the north and the reason to visit has not been much lately.Paper and pen together is not something that I end up having all the time. When it does.

A fallen tree

What is the rush all about?, is it the time that’s ticking? if so, should not it be the other way around, make time and have fun with it.

few moments before clicking this picture….
It was a cold morning in the state park, around 8 AM to be very precise. I was being driven along with an another friend of mine searching around for walking trails to fire-up the adventurous guy inside us; who has gone dormant getting along with the normal chores. After driving about 6 Miles we did find one. We immediately parked the car and started wandering looking for the beginning of the trail., as with everyone we just do not want to start it from the center and finish it at some other place. We did do a brisk walk along the trails, looking around at the scenic beauty of trees, returning back to our car with a good feel of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Always make time, as we are tend to regret more of not doing something than doing it; Utilize every available moment to the best of your ability. Have fun with it, play with it.

Tree, what is majorly required is around it. But, still when its time. It goes back to earth.

Hard Steps

Everyone gets fulfillment and satisfaction at some instance in their life for sure. To accomplish and realize it; one must get out of the zone, to understand the true difference and meaning behind it. Some things are purely coincidental and some may not; You eat meat daily, you will not get the true taste behind it; as it is already there in your way of life. Breaking away from eating none for even couple of days will provide the satisfactory taste that you are looking for.

A perspective of something that I came across in the recent days.
Steps may look irregular, scary, slippery, broken and shaky, but the willingness to get on top of each one will help you get to the top.

You could get there fast, skipping steps risking yourself to reach there with a probability or take one step at a time, where the probability of failure is less uncertain. Then to receive the pleasure of looking below from a swing of two types – one with a little risky swing and the other almost comfortable.

Options are always provided, it is the chosen path that leads the rest of it.