An ardent lover of books, with the only issue  being indolent to read, so I have made collecting them as a short time hobby for now.

an Outdoor enthusiast, motorcycle rider( I just hate sitting inside a car) to be true. I feel claustrophobic for some reason.

This is not a blog, but more of a journal where I am going to put in my thoughts as it lands on my head; as I can say explicitly for sure now,  that there is no time as right time.  I will try to keep things simple as much as I can,  at-least that is the intention.Open for constructive criticism, which will help me improve for sure.

Apart from this, I do like natural photography( the only thing, is I just do not like people in them..)  Surely, a traveler, love to travel  but with perils of having to take care of my little two year kid, I no longer just start walking out anymore just like that with two tank tops. 

I am so much more lately, a learner. Will write about them in the coming days.


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