Library 2.0..Uploading 10% complete

I have a unique fondness to printed materials, specifically to printed paper. I was raised in a school, where everything was kind of hand written. Typewriter was like the jaw-dropper back then, and the person who knows to type faster; a noble. I even had my dad brag about it all along multiple times. I had read product catalogs, revenue reports from my dad’s workplace just for fun that he brings home. As it was not handwritten, but printed on smooth glossy sheets of paper.This was back in my 5th grade during early 90’s.

So, going back in time – I was waiting to be grown up for two reasons. First, the choice that one gets to write with a pen. One had to be at-least in his 7th grade to be eligible for it, atleast in my school during 90’s. Secondly, I get to write more exams. Printed question papers, writing the exam using a ballpoint pen was all I was looking forward to for growing up. I cherish the moment even today when I think about the announcement that was made once during my class. I still get those incitement thinking about certain past moments in my life. My teacher wanted everyone to take notes of her class only using a fountain pen and not to use ballpoint pen anymore. Yes, a chance to get one new fountain pen! Awesome..

Yeah, that was how I grew up. It is all old story now. anyways! Moving to what I was thinking about writing today. I visited one of the public libraries near my home last week to prepare for a management exam. I had one of the weirdest experience ever.

OK, before being judgmental about how a library needs to function, blah.blah. Let me get back in my life to gist, how the library  as in whole got framed in my mind right from my childhood days.

As a student back in School( up-to 6th grade more or less) – I did not know what a library mean, because we never had one in school. I still remember everyone going crazy, when we received our first computer for school lab. I guess it was running windows 3.0. Lab construction was completed a week prior to that. A lab with just one computer. We get 45 minutes in a week to spend on with it, to work on BASIC programming. We took turns like 10 minutes each for a student, It takes three week almost to get one’s turn of 10 minutes.Fun times!

7th grade, I just don’t want to look up my calendar look for the year and all. Let’s leave it at that.  I will bring up the new life at my new school, some other instant of time. Let us focus right now only on the library part of it. So, there was this day – when we received our timetable for the week. Time slots as to what subject to be taught every 50 minutes for the whole week, applicable to that current year. We usually have 7 periods in a day, with fifty minutes to spare for lunch. I saw two periods marked as library time in my weeks schedule. Looking forward for that day, became the next exciting thing for every week then on. Librarian comes to class, take us in a line to the library located all the way across the building on the top floor. Three big rooms filled with books. I still feel that excitement in me, when I was told to go pick a place and take a book of your choice. I do not know back then, was that called the freedom of choice?.May be… I was a kid. There were these statements/words that was written all on the walls, ‘SILENCE please’ , ‘QUIET’, ‘Don’t make noise’.. etc..etc., may be it was meant for all the age group to understand.

Growing up was fun then on, had a new way of life. I had the freedom to go wherever I wanted to. I usually take my motorcycle and drive all the way to the nearest happening city, pick a library and just go sit inside for two reasons. Primarily, to get out of that damn heat – temperature go all the way to 105 F back in my place, and secondly love the aura that library puts out. It did help me at peace all the time, I mediate, relax shut down my head, and rejuvenate. I am from a developing country, so back then we do not have computers or any electronic devices allowed inside around the temple of books.

Back in college, it was the same as usual, except that I just liked the corner place in the library for multiple other reasons. This was how I was related to library back in my place.

In the US, I have worked as a student assistant almost all of my three semesters.Working in libraries; getting paid for it was a good deal. Positive energy was so intense working in there. A place of your liking and someone paying you to do that was super awesome. But I did see ‘QUIET’ everywhere, ‘SILENCE phones’  written down to train everyone’s muscle memory habituated to library environment. This was four years ago.

But, last week – I visited one of the library near by  my place. I will tell you the truth, I have not been to one in a long long time. I did not see any quiet or silence your phones thing anywhere. May be, I thought people have grown up, accustomed to the library way of things. I had taken a grande cup of starbucks mocha on my way. I went in picked up a corner; turned on the laptop, connected my headset and started getting myself ready to sink in the long multiple boring sessions that more or less am going  to get dissolved into. As I began, I saw some one pointing fingers to an another one who was near me. He saw me and recollected his thoughts for a second, approached and informed me not to drink coffee in here. Really, I was surprised at first.I then realized may be its all changed now – even carrying a beverage around the library is not allowed these days. Cool.  I said, OK – I will not, thanks for letting me know. I successfully, completed a session and stared at the clock  in front of me – it was 50 minute past from where I started. Until, then I just had two people in front of me, a Dad working on something; books all around the table, taking notes and an another little girl, working on her homework – she had all this bunch of color pencils/sketch pens wrapped around her. She, then went and took a laptop out from the front desk which is provided for free, for the patrons inside the library. I thought about my days, back then. May be it is a thing that comes to everyone as you age. Anyways, I went back to my sessions, which were getting intense; adding boredom with every single slide. 20 minutes had passed and  this time I am just over four slides. I looked around again, it was crowded as if, it was the first day of a closeout announced sale.

It is now a rackety library. 

In front of me, I now have three people. A mom and her daughter working on some kind of healthcare bill to be presented in the house of representatives, an old guy who clearly mentioned in his high base voice – “my clock has already began MAM as we got introduced in here” advising daughter on the strategy to be used in writing this bill up. From the deprived, sagging eyes of daughter; I could definitely say it has to be boring as hell or she ended up partying little more than she should have last night, whatever. I went back trying to focus back in my world of boredom, back to the time management aspect of the project, how to section. This time with the add on challenge of people’s whispers and talks around. All of a sudden, I heard this sharp noise that came from my back, I turned to see as curious as like the others did. An early 20 something guy was sitting there on a corner wearing his vibrant colored headphone, stressed looking at his laptop. He said “You kidnapped her right?, then you should not be going that way, you need to go the other way and take the car“. I had to stretch all the way back to see what’s going on.  I closed my laptop and stepped out as soon as I heard ” I am dead, dude. You probably have to kill yourself to start over again“.

Plants, missed plan

Austin’s weather these days are like thoughts convoluted in one’s brain; changing every moment of the day – some riveted and mostly uncertain. I just adore plants period; the green vibrancy which gives that calmness to its surrounding. Some lettuce peeking out of the sandwich is enticing and tempting to be bitten with; just like cauliflower, broccoli, celery., when one gets to assume it as a tree and oneself a giant holding it in their hefty hands. Always been a great fan of green color in almost everything that we are surrounded with.  No diet is complete without our salads and the green is what the color of it most likely is going to be. Nobody hates ‘green’ may be some, but you do not have to stop when the light turns green. It is always considered as a positive sign, making one to take the next step no matter what,  proceed as you please kind of thing.

Positivism of green

Austin winter weather has just killed all my plants, and I hate winter more than ever this time.  I decided to bring up my frustration by blogging about it… 😉 you know why? Just for fun and its free :), and my plants are going to live forever in the world wide web.

I did not put them back inside the apartment as the weather on the day before was 74F the previous day.

Negativism of green

How a missed plan could freeze out the healthy plants. Lesson learnt is to look at the whole week’s forecast and not just for the day.

Have an awesome Wednesday.

Mon, M ‘ad’ON DAY or ‘Mourn’ on DAY

Why are Mondays not so adrenalized and exuberant as our Fridays. Is it just because, it is the beginning of the week?.  People are different, some are early risers and  others – the night owls. But, Mondays are pretty much hated by all except some outside thinkers or may be when one get to ride their new car, wear those new shoes that was purchased over the weekend, new suit, tie, or get to work on their brand new laptops or closing of their new sales deal. There could be numerous reasons for one to enjoy and look forward for a Monday. But it is only few, based on my consensus in the friends circle.

So, Mondays are good if you have some expectations that day. Can we all agree to that?

Friday lovers are plenty when compared to those mourners of the weekend. Even the serious issues appear so indefatigable  to our mind on a Fr ‘ee’day. Is it because we are waking up, preparing our minds for the weekend?. I guess so, as the exhilaration cannot be found in the people who have got to work on the weekend, or has humongous task to be cooked back at home.

I tried to work all the way back to determine, how that trend got into me. 

Going back in time is one of the invigorating thing that our minds can do at times, provided those reminiscences  are safely kept.

When I started schooling, I think, I would have definitely hated going in the beginning just like my little daughter use to, she starts to yell as soon I take that turn  which is one mile away from her daycare. It is all about the comfort zone, one has to break free off to get into the new system which starts every week? Oops. I guess, am changing the subject. Lets talk about it at a later time.

So, coming back – In my school days, I used to wear those uniforms, a checked shirt and a dry sand colored pants with dark brownish tie every day to school, no wonder how simpler it was, just to wear the same thing every day, neatly pressed clean uniforms; but Fridays are a different story. It is then where we get this option to wear casuals. All along the week during the four days, we all get to chat, talk and prepare ourselves how to get to school on Fridays, rest 4 days are merely spent on planning for the Friday. May be I was just put along with a bunch of similar thinkers or I just do not know. It was all fun for sure. Students who come late to school everyday wakes up early to be on time so that he could walk around talk about his dress. There are not many late comers on Fridays as such compared to the rest of the week back then for sure. I can see the pattern, as being a school captain it does come under your responsibility back then.

Four days of the week flew by, when you look for Friday back then and in real for now, its the weekend we are expecting and looking forward for.


We can make Mondays fun too, if you make a rousing plan to get accomplished that day.
Planning is good, but it takes its toll when you are expecting to do something on a Monday. So be wise in planning.

I love photography, and I have signed up with this Macro group, where they put forth a theme, you get to work the whole week to plan on the theme and post one picture in the group. It is kind of exciting to me, as to everyone there could be something more or less. Try to find it and have it part of your agenda and make it happen on Monday. When it start to wear off, start working on an another project for Monday.

Let us bring back those Mondays to life. As if you keep ignoring Mondays; we are loosing a big number in our rest of our remaining living days.

What are you guys planning on next Monday? Let me spend my next four days of the week planning on the theme. Hope it changes my perspective of looking at M again, like back in my school days.

Have a great week everyone.

Oh. Rain! not again.

Rain, nature’s way to wake up that dormant nature lover inside one; adding that lovely extra contrast on everything that you see around. The neighboring, which has always been around you, will get scrutinized when you drive, walk or just daydream looking at a sulking tree. Indubitably, there exists a special beauty in those trees that you always tend to see across from your office window. When it rains those water droplets start to ornament and glitter those fresh leaves adding such glow and vibrancy. Trail left by drops followed by another is a pleasing watch – a short entertainment that you could do when you are waiting for the lights to change. Roads blushing in their new shiny black dress . Everything just adds up your day little bit better.

All these happen only if you get everything right, there are lot of factors involved that you need to get out off prior to get to that admiration mode. Today, is not like any other. It was pouring down all night, and drizzling consistently in the morning. Am not a big fan of rain, as such if its a working day. I just love to ride my motorcycle with that wind blowing down on my face, skip that heartbeat, waking up my senses; at-least that is how I would like to get to work. Rain will not let me drive free as on dry roads, not because of me trying to  be safe but a concern for other drivers who are still learning to drive in rain.

Fun with rain begins only if am inside watching it out from the window.

Stay dry, and have a good day. How was your drive this morning to work? Had fun or was it stressful. Just stay calm, you are not alone.

Sketching, My journey so far in 2017..,

I was so obsessed with sketching during my school days; I ended up drawing on the tables, my notes, walls and everywhere else, where I could reach out and write on with my pen. My mathematical symbols started to live along in the solutions provided to the requested problems in my exams, and it did start to have life on its own in my notebook back home as well during my 10th grade.

I had to get rid off the habit, that time.

Breaking point, being two major factors. First, using up all the 192 pages of my new unruled notebook with just dropping ink from my fountain pen. Closing the pages then on, to see how the pattern evolves. The other one include throwing ink on students white uniforms to which, I had got earful from both my principal and my parents. I just liked the way how ink gets absorbed in others plain white clothing. How simple that can be, is’t – yeah, good memorable days – just go school, play, come back home eat and have fun; do the same thing over again. I was so desperate to get out of that process, at that moment of time. But, now am more into going back and fixing things up. It is not a possibility for sure, so lets get to the present. Grass is always greener on the other side.

Years, passed running behind things that people normally do. Paying bills – a simple way of saying, what I have done with so far . 

Now, I am trying to get back to sketching after about 16 years. Is it tough, with matured mindset?. I  had already started to play with it to see how it goes. Started it on this new year, the sole purpose is to have a rough idea as to when I started it all along. Of course, there is this silly thing called new year resolution as well. The intention here is to  write it all up, so that it could help someone out; who are out there still chasing to see what is the real passion in one’s life. A door which got shutdown by mistake or a delivery guy missing the shipment on his way to your home, taking his much needed break with a coffee at Starbucks are some factors that you have no control with. Life, these days are very circumstantial in its own way. If you had the fire in you once, you can bring it all up – it is never too late, is an another simple way of saying it in words.

It is more of a journey, rather than something you can accomplish overnight. I always had it in me, but the only caveat was not having the right exposure, platform and the time that I had to put up with to begin my trip.

Last two weeks, I have been busy working on getting the basics right as the only thing that I have learnt so far in life, is getting the guidelines of the system right, at least just the first time; it would definitely help one to come up with new ways of improvising on top of the existing ones.

I have decided to put forth, an art a day in my flicker side of the world. Why flicker?; to be very frank – I just don’t know, I like them for sure. May be that’s pretty much it.

If you are interested in arts, and you want to see how I evolve on this new side of me. Come travel with me as I explore it. You can always check on the link below. Things are going to be pretty basic as I am still trying to break the ice with the not so active side of art life.

My sketch album journey., as it evolves!

Hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to comment – I am always a learner, and open for creative criticism. I will be updating this blog with more details as the days go by.

Good luck with all of your new projects, that is being cooked in your kitchen just like mine does.

Just moving in

I am in the process of moving from live-journal to word-press, as a part to manage my social media aspect of things better this year. Yes, well – it is one of my new year resolution persay. Still, sorting out how things work around in this side of the world!

Once I get an insight, will start writing it all up.

Hope everyone is already working on their newly created list for this year, how many have you crossed out, I mean being successful in accomplishing it or at least started to work out towards them.  It has been just 12 days past the new year.

Time to fire up those cold coal inside you.